F R E E  S H I P P I N G !

Our hats and bags can be spot cleaned by using cold water and a clean cloth; do not use any chemical detergent as this may strain the bag and cause discoloration. Our hats and bags are hand-dyed with natural vegetable coloring and as a natural renewable material the raffia palm fiber colors may soften over time. This potential variation is a characteristic of natural material.

Keep your hat or bag away from sharp objects and rough surfaces to prevent scratching; this may cause a hole in your hat or bag

Our leather handles are natural and will need care from time to time. A vegetable based tanning process is used to create the leather of our bags. This natural tanning method does not conceal the inherent marks and a variation of the leather makes each bag unique.

Color Changes

The natural color leather is intended to deepen when exposed to sunlight over time. Should the color becomes uneven, exposing all areas of the leather to sunlight will even out the color.

Water Contact

As a result of this tanning method the leather will spot when in contact with water. Should the color become water stained, carefully clean with a damp cloth and cold water to even out the color. Allow the leather to air dry.

Raffia has natural resistances to water but is not waterproof and we don't advice you to get your bag or hat wet. In the case your hat or bag gets wet the exterior of the hat and bag may shrink, allow the hat or bag to dry completely. Hold the exterior of your hat or bag over a steam and allow the steam to penetrate the hat or bag. Once the desire shape is achieved allow the hat or bag to air dry completely away from direct sunlight. Use this process anytime you want to restore your hat or bag.